Curtain Top

Ring Clips, Rod Pocket, Back Tab and Grommet Curtains: Which Should I Buy?

Ring Clips Curtain Top Design

Differ from curtains have tabs/pockets that are small for existing curtain rods, ring clips curtains are the most refined and hassle free style. They provide perfect space to ensure smooth gliding when open and close.

Rod Pocket Curtain Top Design

Rod pocket are the most common type of curtain tops, which give a room an air of old-school refinement and classic elegance, great for rooms that need privacy and light control, but also want to look stylish.

Back Tab Curtain Top Design

Back tabs are little tabs that appear on the back of curtain, can be used to hang your curtains in a number of different ways and makes curtains neat and regular, add a comfortable and organized look for rooms.

Grommet Curtain Top Design

Grommet curtains do a good job on dealing with an oddly shaped window. They have a nice clean edge, and can be cut quite easily and customize the shape of your window, make your room looks crisp and modern.